Friday, 22 August 2014

ASHDEN INDIA : "Papers on Decentralized Renewable Energy Solution"

Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective with support of Shakti Foundations has been working in 12 papers on Solar Energy and Decentralised renewable energy solutions. AIREC is a PAN India organisation constituted by all Ashden Award winners in India. Ashden India is working in the policy framework of sustainable energy. Among the 12 papers, 3 papers has been published.The three published paper are on the following topics:
1)Sustainable Energy Access: The DRE Way
2)Human Capacities and Capabilities for Decentralized Renewable Energy
3)Clean Cooking Energy for All
 The papers are also available on the website in the following link:

To know more about Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective please visit the website: